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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

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Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a holistic perspective on hypnotherapy, where the client's and the hypnotherapist's physical bodies, conscious minds, unconscious minds, and souls are all understood to be interconnected and unified within a universal spiritual consciousness. The term transpersonal literally means "beyond the personal" or "beyond the individual." Transpersonal hypnotherapy therefore allows the client and hypnotherapist to understand themselves as working within a single, spiritual continuum and as drawing on resources beyond the physical bodies or the conscious egos of both the client and the hypnotherapist. These resources could include, for example, the forging of connections with the client's higher self or soul; obtaining advice from the client's inner guide; regressing a client to a past life; releasing entities from a client's auric field; or using the hypnotherapist's or the client's intuition to guide the direction of the session.

In transpersonal hypnotherapy, it is assumed that a higher spiritual power contributes insights and experiences to the session that lead directly to the client's (and the hypnotherapist's) highest good.

Written by Richard Blake

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