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Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure where a solution is injected into a person's mesoderm (under the skin) in order to target adipose tissue. It is used for body sculpting and to treat cellulite.  There are a myriad different cocktails used for the injected solution, which is typically comprised of medications, minerals, vitamins, homeopathics or botanical extracts. Some example of compounds found in these solutions are isoproterenol, yohimbe, DMAE, vitamin C, phosphatidylcholine, deoxycholate, ginko biloba, co-enzyme cofactors, sodium bicarbonate and procane.  

Dr. Michael Pistor developed mesotherapy in France in the late 1940s.  Since it's development it has grown in popularity, being practiced throughout Europe and South America and most recently in the United States.  Studies in support of this therapy have been published in both Europe and South America.  Due to the multitude of chemical mixtures it is difficult to prove the effectiveness of all forms of mesotherapy.  Two compounds that have been shown to be effective as mesotherapy injectables are phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate.   It is believed that their mechanism of action is through immunomodulation.

Some North American physicians have questioned the efficacy and safety of mesotherapy.  These physicians believe there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the therapy.  Included in the opposition of this therapy is the American Society of Plastic Surgeons who have publicly stated that they cannot endorse mesotherapy due to a lack of evidence supporting its effectiveness and safety.  

Certification for practicing mesotherapy in the United States can be completed with the American Board of Mesotherapy (ABM).  To be eligible for certification a person must be a licensed Medical or Osteopathic physician and have completed the required training in mesotherapy.  Once eligible they can sit the ABMs exam for certification.

Author: Bronwyn Bacon, ND Candidate '09


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