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Meridian Therapy

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Meridian therapy is a common name given to a handful of treatment modalities that are based on many of the original teachings of Chinese medicine — Yin / Yang theory, Five Element theory, and the Meridian system. Rather than stimulating acupuncture points or meridians with needles, manual techniques are employed, such as pressing, massaging, and tapping. Similar conditions are treated using these modalities as with acupuncture, though diagnostic and treatment methods will vary greatly from system to system.

For example, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) developed by Gary Craig in the mid-1990s involves the sequential tapping of various acupuncture points along with positive mental formations to release negative energy and balance the body’s energy centers. Shiatsu, having its roots in earlier forms of massage such as Anmo (Japan) and Tui Na (China) dating back thousands of years, has emerged today as a form of manual therapy incorporating gentle manipulations and stretches derived from newer disciplines such as physiotherapy and chiropractic, with pressure techniques exerted through the fingers or thumbs. Diagnosis of imbalance in the body incorporates aspects of yin / yang, the five elements, and abdominal palpation (hara).

Author: David Tucker, LAc, LMP

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