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Aura Therapy

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Aura therapy (or Aura-Soma) is a method of chromotherapy and a divination system based on color, devised by British pharmacist and chiropodist Vicky Wall. It shares similarities with other forms of divination such as tarot, the I Ching and the Kabbalah, and many of the concepts from Jungian psychology and other studies of mythology have also been related to the system. While not claiming healing in the sense of Acupuncture or other remedial systems, practitioners regard it as able to help identify the answer to what lies behind disease.

The central idea of aura therapy is that color is a unifying universal language which relates to all other theologies and schools of psychology. It is part of the underlying order of the universe. Color is a means by which connections can be made, with each color relating to a different aspect of life. Practitioners attach great spiritual significance and psychological connotations to color combinations chosen by an individual.

In traditional systems, such as the Chakras, color is related to the different parts of the body and their underlying physical structure. Each of these physical attributes in turn is related to emotional, mental and spiritual states.

Color combinations are represented by two-tone bottles known as equilibrium bottles. These bottles are made from two colors of organic oil and water (usually two different colors, but some bottles are monotone). Each bottle represents a series of symbolic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical concepts defined by its two colors. The bottles are numbered from 0 to 105 (currently, more are being regularly added), and each has a name. The bottles are named after associated series of figures, such as the major arcana of the Tarot and the Seven Archangels.

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