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Advanced Rolfing

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Advanced Rolfing both compliments and departs from Basic Rolfing with additional training designed to refine the practitioner's body, mind, craft, and clinical effectiveness. Advanced Rolfing further deepens into underlying philosophy, palpation, energy, intention, biomechanics, and technique. The body's individual structural needs dictate where and how the Advanced Rolfing work begins. If the methodology of the Basic Rolfing style, as per Ida Rolf, is an outside-in approach to Structural Integration in terms of spatially reorganizing the body's fascia from superficial to deep layers, than the methodology of the Advanced Rolfing style, as per Jan Sultan, Michael Salveson & Jeff Maitland, is inside-out in terms of starting with the body's most restricted areas and then contextualizing them within the whole body. Basic Rolfing is clasically formulistic and "Recipe" based whereas Advanced Rolfing is "Principles" based and non-formulistic. The Advanced practitioner can choose to work from either approach or both approaches, they are two sides of the same coin. The core concerns of flexibility, alignment, and body awareness are the same. Advanced Rolfing also addresses what is often asymmetrical in the clients body. Often similar results to the Basic approach are achieved in less time and sessions using this methodology. Advanced Rolfing also encourages the incorporation of additional therapeutic modalities that compliment the work of Structural Integration and enhance the client's return to optimal health.

Written by Bruce Schonfeld, Certified Advanced Rolfer

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