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Find a Shaman in Los Angeles

Shamanism is believed to be the first spiritual practice known to humankind, and has survived in some form for tens of thousands of years.  Shamanism as a spiritual practice and healing modality has its roots cross culturally and has been practiced in parts of Asia, Europe, Australia, native North and South America, Africa and Greenland.

In contemporary times, a shaman or shamanic practitioner is one who interacts directly with the helping spirits to address the spiritual aspect of illness.  Illness comes in varying forms and can be caused by emotional, physical or psychological distress or trauma, surgery, accidents, natural disasters, abuse or the trauma of war.  From a shamanic point of view there are three common causes of illness: power loss, soul loss and spiritual blocks or intrusions.  With power loss, a person has lost her or his personal power which can lead to depression, chronic illness or a series of misfortunes.  With soul loss, one has lost a part of their soul essence or life force.  This may manifest as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, illness, addictions, immune deficiency problems, unending grief or coma.  The third cause of illness is spiritual blocks or negative energies taken on by one who has experienced power or soul loss and are usually localized in an area of the body.  In all cases, the shamanic practitioner works in partnership with the helping spirits to restore power, life force and soul essence, and remove spiritual blocks to promote healing and well being.

Self care following shamanic work is a vital part of the process and helps integrate the healing.  Each individual is unique and therefore calls to themselves a unique self care approach.  The more common methods for integration include massage, talk therapy, movement therapy, acupuncture, mind-body disciplines (yoga, meditation, tai chi), time in nature, automatic writing and shamanic journey.

Shamanic healing allows us to reclaim and utilize all of our vital life force energy to help create a positive and full-hearted present and future. It also assists us in feeling more connected to what quantum physics describes as a "field of energy" that connects all things, known as the "great web of life."  Adults, children, animals, land, homes and buildings can benefit from shamanic healing.

Author: Christine Marie Wallace, Shamanic Practitioner

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