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Find a Naturopath in Los Angeles

A Naturopath is any practitioner who uses Naturopathic Medicine to treat their patients.  In this healing art the body's innate ability to self-heal is utilized.  There is a specific focus on healthy lifestyle, disease prevention, and the use of natural modalities to heal disease. These modalities may include herbal medicine, diet modification and supplementation, massage, hydrotherapy, manipulation, lifestyle counseling, and a wide variety of other healing approaches.

Due to the wide variety of laws regulating this field of medicine, this term encompasses a broad range of practitioners.  This spectrum includes practitioners who have completed a minimal certification program to Naturopathic Physicians (ND) who are licensed physicians and have completed a 4-year doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.  Due to this vast span of expertise it is very important that patients are well informed as to the specific laws that govern their state in regards to Naturopathy as well as to what training and experience their practitioner has completed.

Author: Bronwyn Bacon, ND Candidate '08

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