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Holistic Veterinarian

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A Holistic Veterinarian utilizes a variety of holistic healing modalities to treat and maintain health in animals.  A holistic approach to medicine specifies a focus on treating the entire animal rather than focusing on specific parts of the animal, which is the typical approach in conventional veterinarian care.  This form of medicine encompasses both alternative and complimentary medicine and therefore can be utilized in conjunction with a traditional physician or as the animal's sole form of healthcare.  

A physician in this field will focus on analyzing an animal's diet, lifestyle, environment as well as assess their mental, emotional and physical health.  The modalities typically utilized in this type of practice are Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Chiropractics and herbal medicine.  Some practitioners will specialize in only one of these modalities where as others may include several of them in their practice.

In the United States, a veterinarian (DVM or VDM) must complete four years of a veterinarian doctoral program after they have completed 3 to 4 years of undergraduate education.  In addition they must sit a specific exam in the state that they plan to practice in to receive licensure.  This education typically encompasses only conventional veterinarian medicine.  Additional education is required in order to gain training in the modalities listed above.  

A person who wishes to receive certification in Animal Chiropractics must be either a licensed chiropractor or veterinarian who has completed an American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA) post-graduate as well as passed the appropriate board exams.  For other modalities in this field of medicine there are a variety of educational and certification programs available.  

Due to the wide range of certifications and accreditations available throughout the United States it is important that a person is well informed in choosing a practitioner in this field.  It is highly recommended to interview a physician in order to gain a full understanding of their approach to medicine to see if it fits the patient's needs.  The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) is a recourse that can be utilized to conduct this research.

Author: Bronwyn Bacon, ND Candidate '09


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