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Chiropractic is a healing art that holds the concept that the body has an innate, genetic drive to heal itself and be healthy. The master controller of this innate drive is the vital roadway that we call the Nervous System. Neuroscientists have long known that pressure on the nervous system can cause debilitating neurological problems, organ dysfunction, muscle imbalances, immune system weakness and decreased health, to name a few. Unfortunately, the demands of society which include long periods of sitting, starting from an early age, put tremendous stress on the most important area of the nervous system: the spine. Dr. James Chestnut, author and much sought after speaker, states that: "Sitting to the spine is like sugar to the teeth." In fact, physical, chemical and emotional stresses wreak havoc on the spine and create what are known as subluxations. A subluxation is an area of the spine that is not functioning well which puts tension and stress on the nervous system at that area. If a chiropractor detects a subluxation, an adjustment is rendered which is a force put into the spine by instrument or by hand that re-establishes proper spinal motion and thus restores nervous system function at that level.
Although Chiropractic has long been the gold standard for the treatment of low back pain, it is not just for pain. On the contrary, the Chiropractic profession realizes that pain is a very poor measure of the health of the body. Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his book The Biology of Belief, states that of the two trillion pieces of information that the brain receives in one second, only fifty of these pieces are reserved for pain. Our society has put tremendous emphasis on pain as being the true indicator of health. This notion, although profitable for the medical and pharmaceutical communities, is false not only logically but also scientifically. Health is not a destination, but a journey that starts by making sure that the system that controls the health and restoration of the body is working well. Once spinal movement and nervous system function are restored it is the role of the chiropractor to discuss how to keep it that way and how to promote proper genetic expression through educating on healthy lifestyle choices including how to eat well, think well and move well.
Author: Jason Penaluna, D.C.

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